Registration and safety

Safety training and registration of biological agents

If you intend to handle biological samples/agents either in the biology laboratory or at the beamline, you need to log on to DOOR and fill in the online form "Use of biological agents" at least 4 weeks before each scheduled beamtime. This is also obligatory for users at beamline P11 who wish to use the biology laboratory at P11. For questions concerning the declaration, or the required workflow description please contact our Safety Team:

Jochen Müller-Dieckmann (, phone ext. -2877).

The declaration will be evaluated and approved by the Safety Team.

In addition, the corresponding Online Safety Training modules “Basic Instructions”, “Biological Agents” (plus ”PETRA III” for the PETRA III Labs) which are accessible via DOOR have to be completed. The signed online safety training certificate has to be submitted to the User Office as indicated on the certificate.

Registration and handling of chemicals and non-biological agents

Any chemicals and non-biological substances that are used during the work at the beamline have to be listed in the “declaration of substances” provided in DOOR. Non-biological substances that will be used either in the chemistry or the biology lab have to be listed in the form "use of chemistry laboratory". Any substances that are not brought by the external users themselves should only be ordered in agreement with A. Ciobanu (, phone ext. -4683) and have to be delivered to the persons in charge of the biolab (J. Müller-Dieckmann).

On-site instruction and access

In addition to the online safety training you need to participate in an on-site instruction to get access to the Biolab. The on-site instruction will be offered only during regular working hours (Mon-Thu 8 am to 4 pm, Fri 8 am to 3 pm). Please contact Jochen Müller-Dieckmann to make an appointment for the instruction.
After instruction the access to the laboratory will be granted. Only with a completed online and on-site training you will be authorized to work in the Biolab. The training has to be updated regularly. Please check in DOOR the validity of your safety trainings before coming to DESY.