27 April 2015

Science program resumes at DESY's high brilliance X-ray light source

Following a year long shutdown, the science program at DESY's high brilliance X-ray source PETRA III has been resumed on Monday. “With the shutdown we have cleared ...

24 April 2015 · Research Highlight

X-ray laser reveals structure of blood pressure regulator

With a sophisticated X-ray analysis at the LCLS, a US-German team of scientists has solved the molecular structure of an important regulator for blood pressure in the human ...

22 April 2015 · Research Highlight

Study at PETRA III resolves molecular structures of Spiegelmers for the first time

Using DESY's ultra bright X-ray source PETRA III, scientists have decoded the molecular and three-dimensional structure of two promising drug candidates from the new ...

21 April 2015 · Research Highlight

Ultrafast tracking of electron spins at PETRA III

Our present digital information processing and storage is based on two properties of the electron. The first is its charge, which is used in electronic circuits to process ...


13 May. 2015 - 15:00
Speaker: Heshmat Noei, DESY Nanolab
Location: Bldg. 03, Room 107
20 May. 2015 - 15:30
Speaker: Patrick Huber, TU Hamburg Harburg
Location: Bldg. 03, Room 107
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20 May. 2015 - 11:00
Location: FLASH2 Hall, Build.28k
22 Jun. 2015 to 25 Jun. 2015
Location: CFEL Seminar Rooms I-III
12 Jul. 2015 to 17 Jul. 2015
20 Jul. 2015 to 22 Jul. 2015
Location: CFEL bldg. 99, seminar rooms I (EG.076), II (EG.078) and III (EG.080)
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