20 November 2017 · Research Highlight

Clay mineral waters Earth's mantle from the inside

In high-pressure and high-temperature X-ray measurements that were partly conducted at DESY, scientists created conditions similar to those in so-called subduction zones where an ...

18 November 2017

Association of Friends and Sponsors awards PhD students

On Wednesday, two outstanding doctoral theses were awarded prizes by the Association of Friends and Supporters of DESY, VFFD. This year’s doctoral students’ prize is ...

13 November 2017

LEAPS – Light for Research

A new strategic alliance between European accelerator-based 'super-microscopes' has been forged in Brussels on Monday. LEAPS - the League of European Accelerator-based Photon ...

06 November 2017 · Research Highlight

Crystals in a pink X-ray beam

A newly experimental set-up, developed by an international team including scientists from  DESY, allows the X-ray structure determination of biomolecules such as proteins with ...


08 Dec. 2017 - 14:00
Speaker: Petr Novak, Institute of Microbiology, Prague, Czech Republic
Location: CFEL, Bldg. 99
12 Dec. 2017 - 14:00
Speaker: Wolfgang Ketterle, MIT
Location: CFEL, Bldg. 99
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23 Nov. 2017 to 24 Nov. 2017
Location: Bldg. 15, lecture hall EG.005
24 Jan. 2018 to 26 Jan. 2018
Location: DESY Auditorium (Bldg. 5)
14 Feb. 2018 to 16 Feb. 2018
Location: CFEL, Blgd. 99/SR 1-3
20 Mar. 2018 to 24 Mar. 2018
Location: Seminarroom FLASH, 28c
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