23 February 2017 · Research Highlight

X-rays from PETRA III reveal weaving of golden coat

Applying nanoscale metal coatings to thin polymer films is of interest for various promising industrial applications, for example as a means of increasing the efficiency of ...

14 February 2017 · Research Highlight

X-ray pulses reveal structure of viral cocoon

An international team, including scientists from DESY, has used high-intensity X-ray pulses to determine the structure of the crystalline protein envelope of an insect ...

08 February 2017 · Research Highlight

Under pressure: Heliums forms stable compound

Using high pressure, an international team of researchers has produced a stable sodium-helium crystal. In experiments partly carried out at PETRA III, they  were able ...

07 February 2017 · Research Highlight

Researchers unravel dynamics of electron clouds

A US-German research team, including scientists from DESY,  has elucidated the ultra-fast dynamics of electron clouds in xenon atoms. Using attosecond technology, the ...


27 Feb. 2017 - 13:00
Speaker: Sebastian Doniach, Stanford University and SLAC National Accelerator Lab..
Location: Buildg 25 b / Room 109
01 Mar. 2017 - 08:00
Speaker: Sébastien Teychené, Laboratoire de Génie Chimique, Toulouse, France
Location: E1.173 (HXQ Schenefeld)
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27 Mar. 2017 to 29 Mar. 2017
04 May. 2017 to 05 May. 2017
Location: Seminar room PXE
08 May. 2017 to 09 May. 2017
Location: FLASH Seminar room
09 May. 2017 to 11 May. 2017
12 Jun. 2017 to 15 Jun. 2017
Location: CFEL
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