09 February 2016 · Research Highlight

Imaging nanoscale dynamics with unparalleled detail and speed

Using a super X-ray microscope, an international research team has “filmed” the explosion of single nanoparticles. The team, including researchers from CFEL at ...

02 February 2016 · Research Highlight

Scientists synthesise new class of material

Classical materials such as ceramics, metals and polymers have their typical mechanical properties. Including scientists from DESY, researchers from the Hamburg University ...

28 January 2016

Registrations pass 1000-mark for the first time

The joint DESY and European XFEL users' meeting for research with photons kicked off with record participation on Wednesday. For the first time, the organisers counted ...

26 January 2016

Largest press at a synchrotron enters operation at DESY

Scientists at DESY have installed a giant press that can simulate the interior of planets and synthesise new materials at PETRA III (hall north). The Large Volume Press ...


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23 Feb. 2016 to 24 Feb. 2016
Speaker: Dr. VIEFHAUS, Jens
Location: FLASH seminar room in building 28c
09 Mar. 2016 to 11 Mar. 2016
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