07 October 2015 · Research Highlight

Prototype demonstrates feasibility of building terahertz accelerators

An interdisciplinary team of researchers, including scientists from DESY, has built the first prototype of a miniature particle accelerator that uses terahertz radiation ...

18 September 2015 · Research Highlight

X-rays reveal electron puddles in ceramic superconductors

Using high-energy X-rays at DORIS III, Elettra and the ESRF, an international team of scientists has discovered a surprising inner structure of a special class of ...

14 September 2015

ICAME 2015 conference in Hamburg

The “International Conference on the Applications of the Mössbauer Effect” (ICAME 2015) is being held in Hamburg from 13 to 18 September. The conference has ...

01 September 2015 · Research Highlight

Scientists watch metal melt in nanoseconds

A pilot study  at LCLS opens a new path to analysing the interior of rocky planets in the lab. The research team including scientists from DESY, led by the University ...


12 Oct. 2015 - 15:00
Speaker: Peter G. Schunemann, BAE Systems, Inc., Nashua, USA
Location: CFEL Building (99), Ground Floor, SR III
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