22 April 2015 · Research Highlight

PETRA III follows evolution of crystal structure up to 560,000 atmospheres

Using DESY's X-ray source PETRA III, scientists have observed for the first time how layers in certain crystals buckle under high pressure, forming a complex inner ...

20 April 2015

DESY creates new research opportunities at X-ray laser FLASH

DESY opens new vistas into the nanocosm at its pioneering X-ray laser FLASH. A comprehensive technological upgrade and expansion of the facility enables entirely new ...

07 May 2015 · Research Highlight

Study at PETRA III shows ways to reduce unwelcome fat bloom on chocolate

An X-ray study carried out at DESY allows to improve the quality of chocolate. The study offers new insights into the formation of fat bloom, an unwelcome white layer that ...

27 April 2015

Science program resumes at DESY's high brilliance X-ray light source

Following a year long shutdown, the science program at DESY's high brilliance X-ray source PETRA III has been resumed on Monday. “With the shutdown we have cleared ...


27 May. 2015 - 11:00
Speaker: Mackillo Kira, Philipps-University, Marburg
Location: CFEL-bldg. 99, seminar room II (EG.078)
10 Jun. 2015 - 15:00
Speaker: Björn Arndt, DESY Nanolab
Location: Bldg. 03, Room 107
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22 Jun. 2015 to 25 Jun. 2015
Location: CFEL Seminar Rooms I-III
12 Jul. 2015 to 17 Jul. 2015
20 Jul. 2015 to 22 Jul. 2015
Location: CFEL bldg. 99, seminar rooms I (EG.076), II (EG.078) and III (EG.080)
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