13 July 2017

Stephan Roth received the Science Award at the COSI2017 conference

DESY scientist Stephan Roth, who holds also an adjunct professor position at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm (Sweden), received the ...

13 July 2017 · Research Highlight

Microwaves reveal detailed structure of molecular motor

A team of scientists, including researchers from DESY,  has used microwaves to unravel the exact structure of a tiny molecular motor. The nano-machine consists of just ...

03 July 2017 · Research Highlight

Spin currents switch at terahertz frequencies

DESY scientist Lars Bocklage has discovered a new way of producing ultrafast spin currents. His theoretical calculations, which have now been published in the 'Physical ...

26 June 2017 · Research Highlight

X-ray experiments reveal two different types of water

Liquid water exists in two different forms – at least at very low temperatures. This is the conclusion drawn from X-ray experiments carried out at DESY and at the ...


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