10 September 2014 · Research Highlight

Researchers watch lipid molecules in motion at PETRA III

Researchers from Göttingen in collaboration with colleagues from Augsburg  have 'filmed' the movement of lipid molecules using an X-ray stroboscope at ...

09 September 2014 · Research Highlight

3D microscope at PETRA III investigates flexible polymer tandem solar cells

The sharp X-ray vision of DESY's research light source PETRA III paves the way for a new technique to produce cheap, flexible and versatile double solar cells. The ...

08 September 2014 · Research Highlight

‘Electric Prism’ Separates Water’s Nuclear Spin States

Using an "electric prism", scientists from CFEL have found a new way of separating water molecules that differ only in their nuclear spin states and, under normal ...

01 September 2014

Helmholtz funds two DESY spin-offs for X-ray detectors and femtosecond-lasers

Two start-up companies initiated by DESY scientists will be funded by the Helmholtz Association “Helmholtz Enterprise” support programme: The X-Spectrum company, ...


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24 Sep. 2014 to 26 Sep. 2014
Location: Großer Hörsaal (2nd floor)
28 Oct. 2014 - 14:00
Location: Main Auditorium (Build. 5)
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