11 February 2019

Innovative method enables new view into Earth's interior

An innovative X-ray method enables new high-pressure investigations of samples under deep mantle conditions. The technique, which was developed by a team led by Georg Spiekermann from DESY, the German ...

04 February 2019

What keeps spiders on the ceiling?

Hunting spiders easily climb vertical surfaces or move upside down on the ceiling. A thousand tiny hairs at the ends of their legs make sure they do not fall off. Like the spider’s exoskeleton, ...

01 February 2019

X-rays reveal layout of loaded drug transporter

Experiments at DESY's X-ray source PETRA III have revealed the first structure of a biological transporter protein loaded with a pro-drug. Prodrugs are inactive medications that are metabolized into ...

31 January 2019

Simulating meteorite impacts in the lab

A US-German research team has simulated meteorite impacts in the lab and followed the resulting structural changes in two feldspar minerals with X-rays as they happened. The results of the experiments at ...


27 Feb. 2019 to 01 Mar. 2019
Location: FLASH seminar room, Bldg. 28c
03 Jun. 2019 to 04 Jun. 2019
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