22 March 2019 · Research Highlight

The taming of the light screw

Scientists from DESY, the MPSD, the University of Hamburg and the CUI Cluster of Excellence create high-order harmonics from solids with controlled polarization states, taking advantage of both crystal ...

20 March 2019 · Research Highlight

Researchers generate the shortest ultraviolet laser pulse ever

Researchers at CFEL at DESY have generated a 1.9-femtosecond ultraviolet laser light pulse - setting a record for ultraviolet (UV) laser pulses with the shortest duration. The experiments, published in ...

15 March 2019 · Research Highlight

Scientists go to extremes to reveal make-up of Earth’s core

Experiments conducted at extreme conditions, also at PETRA III at DESY, are giving scientists new insights into the chemical make-up of the Earth’s core. Advanced laboratory ...

08 March 2019

More than 100 participants at the DESY Research Course 2019

The programme of the DESY Research Course 2019 “Trends in Modern Photon Science” covered the research activities of different new photon science research acitivities on the ...


26 Mar. 2019 - 13:15
Speaker: Lin Zhang, LCLS, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, USA
Location: 109
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29 Apr. 2019 to 30 Apr. 2019
Location: FLASH Seminar room
03 Jun. 2019 to 05 Jun. 2019
Location: Seminar room
03 Jun. 2019 to 04 Jun. 2019
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