24 July 2014

X-ray study at PETRA III reveals workings of potential alternative to antibiotics

Research at DESY's X-ray light source PETRA III reveals how certain viruses called bacteriophages kill the potentially life threatening diarrhoea bacterium ...

21 July 2014

Leading scientists appointed for PETRA III and FLASH

Christian Schroer and Wilfried Wurth have joined the DESY team as new leading scientists. Christian Schroer assumes the leadership of the scientific programme of ...

18 July 2014

Scientists watch fast electron jumps in exploding molecules

Using ultra-short X-ray flashes from LCLS, an international team of researchers, also from DESY, watched electrons jumping between the fragments of exploding molecules. The ...

10 July 2014

First observation of the molecular dynamics of photosystem II

An international team of scientists, including researchers from DESY, has caught a central step of photosynthesis in action for the first time. The team led by Prof. Fromme ...


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