Industrial Users


NFFA Europe welcomes industry and academia to conduct research at the nanoscale, offering free access to research infrastructures.


CAROTS aims at promoting cooperation between large-scale research infrastructures (synchrotron and neutron sources) and commercial analytical service providers to improve services for industrial users.

Industry Services: Bright Light For Small Matter!

Analytical methods in laboratories have their limits. If the problem you are looking at needs brighter light and utmost precision for detecting chemical elements, environments within fluids, gases, amorphous solids, crystalline or nanostructured materials PETRA III, the world’s most brilliant synchrotron light source and FLASH, the free-electron laser, are here to help. The DESY NanoLab with flexible state-of-the-art equipment can add further insights or complement experiments at a beamline down to molecular and atomic level.

DESY Photon scientists and experts execute and coordinate science with photons and offer industrial users the best possible experimental conditions for the solution for a wide range of problems and tasks – spanning from materials` science to life science and biotechnology. Our services range from feasibility studies, the preparation and execution of measurements to specific data evaluation.

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