Welcome to the student portal for Photon Science at DESY!

You will find here all the information you need about the light sources themselves and your opportunities to take part in this booming area of research.

Users' Meeting


In this section, you can find out more about the facilities themselves and about the theory that is behind the generation of synchrotron light at a storage ring and the actual experiments.

Open Positions

Several groups at DESY Photon Science are seeking bachelor/ diploma / master / PhD students for photon science research projects. The supervision of the theses will be done in cooperation with the University of Hamburg.

Open Positions at HASYLAB: Diploma Theses/Master Theses/PhD Theses
Summer Schools

Teaching and Graduate Schools

Reseachers from DESY Photon Science are also engaged in teaching, for example at the University of Hamburg. Moreover Graduate schools offer special programmes for participating PhD students. This includes lectures, colloquia, and workshops with experts from university and DESY.