Shock Compression

shock compression in the IC2 chamber

Shock CRD: Different geometries of incident X-ray beam and shock compression in the IC2 chamber. (Image: DESY)

3D visualization of the shock geometry

Shock CRD: Top view of the 3D CAD visualization of the 22.5X shock geometry. There are four major components: high-energy (HE) laser, target holder, VISAR, and X-ray beam with area detector. (Image: DESY)

Multiple workpackages involved

Shock compression is currently not part of a single workpackage. Therefore the expertise of this science area is covered by multiple workpackages. However, strong contributions come from from the Workpackage 1 and 5. For diffraction of shock compressed materials using the Dipole Laser (UK HiBEF contribution), experts form DESY (A. Schropp and H. P. Liermann), the HED instrument (Z. Konopkova, U. Zastrau, K. Appel) and HZDR (A. Pelka, T. Toncian) convened an external advisory team. The task of the team is to develop a comprehensive concept to conducted diffraction on shock compressed materials in the same chamber as that being used for dynamic DAC experiments. This chamber is called “Interaction Chamber II” (IC2).

The conclusions have become part of the Conceptual Design Report (CDR ) for Shock Compressed Materials, edited by U. Zastrau (HED Instrument at the European XFEL) and M. McMahon (University of Edinburgh, UK). The CDR was endorsed by the SCA/TAC of HIBEF and further approved by HIBEF management board in November of 2016. Due to of the dual use of the chamber, the TDR for shock compression in the IC2 will be produced in parallel to the report for the DAC setup.