Experimental plan

The information given in the "Experimental plan" is needed to assess the feasibility of a planned XAFS experiment and to estimate the amount of beamtime needed for a successful completion of an experiment. It should therefor concentrate on the part of the experiment that is done at the beamline. Information about the synthesis of sample materials in the home laboratory is in most cases superfluous. Please give a concise overview over the planned experiment at the beamline. Important information includes but is not restricted to:
- Which edges
- Composition of the samples
- Form of the samples (powder, liquid)
- Sample preparation steps at the beamline, especially if DESY equipment is needed
- Information about planned in-situ set-ups
- ...

It is very important that you provide an overview over your samples and number of planned experiments, preferable using a table similar to the one shown below:

Example of a table containing an overview over the planned experiments. * Variables can be things like temperature, an applied potential, pressure...