Experimental Station


CAD model of the secondary optics.

The P62 beamline has one experimental hutch dedicated for SAXS/WAXS and USAXS experiments with the sample either in vacuum or in air. The scattered X-rays will travel to the SAXS detector in an evacuated flight tube.

Secondary optics (beam diagnostic)

Upstream of the sample environment position an optics table with several components are permanently installed:
(1) Diamond window - seperation of the UHV and HV sections.
(2) Beam monitor unit
(3) Slit system 3
(4) Allignment laser unit
(5) Absorber unit
(6) Fast shutter unit
(7) Beam monitor unit
(8) Slit system 4 ( guard slit)

Sample environment

At the sample position, a breadboard table is installed. On top of this table, either a vacuum chamber with translation stages inside or translation stages in air can be mounted depending on the users' needs.
A detailed description of the available sample environments will follow soon.

SAXS instrument

Downstream of the sample position a 13m-long and 1m diameter evacuated tube system will be installed. The SAXS detector is fully installed inside this tube system and can be moved up and down, as well as to the side. The sample to detector distance can be continously changed from 1.5m up to 12.0m.
The WAXS detector will be mounted outside the tube system. The sample to detector distance can be adjusted within 0.2 m to 0.7m.