Beamline layout and parameters

P01 consists of two optics hutches (OH1 and OH2) and three experimental hutches (EH1, EH2, EH3). The beamline has a total length of 50m from the entrance of OH1 to the last wall of EH3.

OH1 is the high heat load optics hutch. The main optics elements are a high heat load liquid nitrogen cooled Monochromator, a set of Be lenses for collimation and focussing and a differential pumping station.

OH2 hosts the Intermediate energy Resonant Inelastic X-ray Scattering spectrometer (IRIXS) incl. a high resolution mononchromator and KB focusing optics.

EH1 hosts high and medium resolution monochromators and a small optical table for Nuclear Resonant Scattering experiments using no or raw beam focussing only and for backscattering sample environments.

EH2 hosts the X-ray Ramann inelastic X_ray scattering instrument. A HUBER diffractometer is installed which is setup in a theta-2-theta arrangement for Nuclear Resonant Reflectrometry experiments etc.. A cross-polarizer-analyzer polarimeter allows for polarization studies with a purity of 10-9 at best.

EH3 provides space for demanding sample environments (e.g. cryo magnets). KB mirrors are installed and provide foci about 9 micron x 4 micron (hor. x vert.). The meV backscattering high resolution monochromator for nuclear transitions in the range from 20 to 40 keV is installed here, too. Furtermore a 2-D detector for gracing incidence or diffraction studies can be installed if needed.