Hostel DESY Hamburg

Hostel DESY Hamburg

Hamburg City

DESY hostel onsite

DESY has an on-site accommodation 'DESY Hostel' for users and other guests.

If you want to book a room in the DESY Hostel please fill in the Hostel request form. People who are performing experiments at DESY will be given priority to people coming for meetings or workshops. The DESY hostel is usually fully booked for several weeks in advance, so please try to make reservations (and cancellations) as soon as possible.

If the DESY hostel is fully booked during your requested time, please contact a nearby hotel or pension.

Accommodations in Hamburg (Hotels, pensions, etc.)

Hamburg offers a lot of different hotels in any category from youth hostels to de Luxe hotels. If your preference is good public transportion to DESY in Bahrenfeld, please contact one of the local hotels and pensions from our list below. If you preference is inexpensive accommodation please contact a youth hostel (mainly for students) or other hostels.

For general information on hotels in Hamburg, please consult the Hotels in Hamburg pages (Tourist Information) or their 'HAM Hotline' phone +49 (0) 40 - 300 51 853 (9:00-19:00 Hotel reservation).

Please note that it is not possible for the DESY Photon Science secretaries' office, the User Office or the DESY guest office to make any reservation for hotels or pensions.

Hotels and pensions in the vicinity of DESY

The following hotels, pensions and hostels are in the vicinity of DESY (area code +49 (0) 40...). For business trips: please mention that you are a visitor to DESY, some hotels offer special rates.

List of Hotels 2017