A map of intensities

A map of intensities merged using the CrystFEL software suite from almost two hundred thousand diffraction patterns obtained from in vivo grown crystals of Trypanosoma brucei cathepsin B. (Image courtesy of Karol Nass, CFEL). The high profile scientific journal "Science" has chosen this first new biological structure solved by an X-ray free-electron laser as one of the ten most important scientific breakthroughs in 2012.

Researchers from DESY Photon Science are committed to different in-house research programmes in collaboration with national and international partners.  The research focuses on the understanding of fundamental phenomena in condensed matter, plasmas and molecules and on the structure and function of complex materials to biomolecules and cells. In addition, the developent of new methods and instrumentation for modern light sources is also part of the inhouse research.

Several researchers from DESY Photon Science participate also in the  “The Hamburg Centre for Ultrafast Imaging” (CUI), an interdisciplinary research cluster established as part of the German federal and state Excellence Initiative .