Most cited publications

FLASH - Most cited publications      (update: 2018-12-18)

Cited 994 times (83x/year)W. Ackermann et al., Operation of a Free Electron Laser in the Wavelength Range from the Extreme Ultraviolet to the Water Window, Nature Photonics 1, 336342 (2007);  (Machine)

Cited 653 times (50x/year): Henry N. Chapman et al., Femtosecond diffractive imaging with a softXray freeelectron laser, Nature Physics 2, 839843 (2006);  (Imaging)

Cited 357 times (21x/year): H. Wabnitz et al., Multiple ionisation of atom clusters by intense soft X-rays from a freeelectron laser, Nature 420, 482485 (2002);  (Nonlinear Phenomena/Clusters)

Cited 183 times (18x/year): Bob Nagler et al.,Turning solid aluminium transparent by intense soft Xray photoionization, Nature Physics 5, 693696 (2009);  (Nonlinear Phenomena/WDM)

Cited 176 times (15x/year): Henry N. Chapman et al., Femtosecond TimeDelay Xray Holography, Nature 448, 676679 (2007); (Imaging)

Cited 169 times (14x/year): A.A. Sorokin et al., Photoelectric Effect at Ultrahigh Intensities, Phys. Rev. Lett. 99, 213002 (2007);  (Nonlinear Phenomena)

Cited 147 times (13x/year) A. Barty et al., Ultrafast single-shot diffraction imaging of nanoscale dynamics, Nature Photonics 2, 415-419 (2008); (Imaging)

FLASH -  Selection of highlight technical developments

R. Riedel et al., Singleshot pulse duration monitor for extreme ultraviolet and X-­ray free-­electron lasers, Nature Communications 4, 1731 (2013);

I. Grguraš et al., Ultrafast X-­ray pulse characterization at free-­electron lasers, Nature Photonics 6, 852-­‐857 (2012);

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F. Tavella et al., Few-femtosecond timing at fourth-­generation X-­ray light sources, Nature Photonics 5, 162–165 (2011);

U. Frühling et al., Singleshot THz field driven X-­‐ray streak-­camera, Nature Photonics 3, 523-­‐528 (2009);

K. Tiedtke et al., Gasdetector for X-­ray lasers, J. Appl. Phys. 103, 094511 (2008);

Cornelius Gahl et al., A femtosecond X-­ray/optical cross-­correlator, Nature Photonics 2, 165-­‐169 (2008);


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