13 November 2019

Study at FLASH - Polarization-sensitive reconstruction of THz fields at dielectric interfaces

The unique FLASH THz facility is worldwide leading in providing tunable narrowband Terahertz (THz) pulses with an intrinsic synchronisation to soft X-ray pulses. These THz pulses are continuously tunable in the range of 10300μm (4-125 meV) and the energy per pulse is in the ...

20 August 2019

FLASH coaxes superfluorescent emission from the noble gas xenon

Scientists have for the first time induced superfluorescence in the extreme ultraviolet range. Superfluorescence, or superradiance, could be used to build a laser that does not require an optical resonator. The team headed by DESY’s lead scientist Nina Rohringer used DESY’s free-electron laser FLASH to stimulate ...

10 May 2019

DESY mourns the loss of Wilfried Wurth

DESY mourns the loss of one of its pioneers in research at free-electron lasers: Prof. Wilfried Wurth, leading scientist of the free-electron laser FLASH and lead scientist at DESY, died suddenly and unexpectedly at the age of 62.

“Wilfried Wurth’s sudden death hit us all very hard. We are losing an excellent scientist and a very esteemed and popular colleague,” says ...