05 November 2018

When is a laser a real laser?

Pulsed lasers are intense and coherent light sources, and the latest category is that of X-ray Free Electron Lasers (FEL), such as FLASH and the European XFEL in Hamburg or FERMI in Trieste (Italy). It is well known that coherence leads to interference phenomena which are for example visible in the famous double slit experiment by Young (spatial coherence) and interferometer experiment ...

01 August 2018

Novel liquid jet nozzle for high repetition diffraction experiments at free-electron lasers

A team of researchers, led by scientists from DESY, has demonstrated the successful use of a new type of liquid jet at high pulse repetition rates at FLASH. The study shows that liquid jets recover in time for the next pulse even at very short inter-pulse times of only 220 nanoseconds. Furthermore the researchers conducted the first crystal diffraction experiments using X-ray pulse ...