Communications Chemistry has just informed us that Elin Grånäs' image for the article Role of hydroxylation for the atomic structure of a non-polar vicinal zinc oxide’ has been found striking and is featuring as a banner on their journal hompage
The Article has been published in January 2021.

Cover of the ACS Catalysis, Volume 10, 22, November 2020. Drawing by Mike Wagstaffe for the newly accepted article "Ultrafast Real-Time Dynamics of CO Oxidation over an Oxide Photocatalyst", copyright by ACS Catalysis. For more information scroll down to New NanoLab Publications

NFFA-Europe will become PILOT for new schemes of Research Infrastructure: NEP (NFFA-Europe-Pilot) in Spring 2021

In the past the DESY NanoLab has succesfully participated in the European research project nanoscience foundries and fine analysis (NFFA) which succesful links the unique competences of specialized academic laboratories with the larger national and international institutes and the combined usage of the large scale analytical facilities. We are happy to announce that NFFA-NEP, a follow-up pilot project, has been approved in which the DESY NanoLab will also join and support international research with its team and facilities.


DSF Corona Call

The NanoLab is thrilled to announce that the DESY Strategy Board DSF has approved Dr Heshmat Noei's proposal "How does TiO2 clean air from Corona Virus?" as scientifically very attractive and fitting the call.

Heshmat is overseeing the NanoLab spectroscopy laboratory and will use its facilities for this important inquiry. We congratulate Heshmat and wish her lots of success with her research!

DESY Strategy Board DSF has approved and will fund Corona-related Research Project

Jean-Marie Lehn und Klaus von Klitzing-Preis 2020 for the best Master thesis in Nanoscience at Hamburg University

We are very happy to announce that our colleague Helena Gleißner has received this price for her master's thesis on Photoinduced CO Oxidation on N-doped TiO2.

Helena is currently one of our PhD students at the NanoLab.


New NanoLab Publications




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Degrees at the NanoLab

Despite the Corona virus and all induced restrictions and limitations we are happy to announce that two NanoLab colleagues have succesfully defended their PhD theses in May 2020.
Congratulations from the whole team and all the best of luck and success for their future!

In addition in May as well as in June 2020 Alexander Meinhardt and Erik Beck have successfully defended their Master thesis' - in a virtual seminar too.
We wish them best of luck and success for the future and their next professional steps likewise.

Marcus Creutzburg and Guilherme Dalla Lana Semione celebrating their successful disputations.

CXNS (Center for X-ray and Nano Science)

The new CXNS is under construction. We are looking forward to moving into our new facilities by spring 2021 and to using state of the art research laboratories in short walking distance to the large scale light sources on the DESY compound.