II. X-ray Investigation of Fast and Ultrafast Processes

held March 25 -27, 2002 at DESY, Hamburg

X-ray experiments using ultrashort pulses, in the femtosecond domain, have received recently a lot of attention due to the availability of both laser- and accelerator-based sources. In the future, FELs will be become sources of ultra-short X-ray pulses providing high number of photons, tunability down to 0.1 nm and high brilliance.
This course summarises achievements and prospects of the various sources. After presentation of the basics of X-ray scattering experiments at ultrashort time scales the scientific applications of this technique the chemistry, biology and solid-state physics domains will be introduced. The lectures will provide fundamental insight in the scientific problems and the methods to solve them.

Topics of the course

  • Principles and Sources of Ultrafast X-ray scattering
  • Chemistry Applications
  • Biology and Solid-state Physics Applications


  • D. Bourgeois (ESRF, Grenoble)
  • H. Dürr (BESSY, Berlin)
  • T. Elsässer (MBI, Berlin)
  • D. von der Linde (University Essen)
  • A. Plech (ESRF, Grenoble)
  • W. Rettig (Humboldt University, Berlin)
  • C. Rose-Petruck (Brown University, Providence)
  • A. Rousse (LOA, Palaiseau)
  • C. Spielmann (University Würzburg)
  • S. Techert (MPI Göttingen)
  • J. Wachtveitl (University Frankfurt)
  • J.S. Wark (University Oxford)