I. Coherent X-rays - Properties, Generation and Applications

held October 15 -17, 2001 at DESY, Hamburg

Experiments using coherent light, long-time known in the visible and applied here very successfully, have received recently a lot of attention for the X-ray regime since it was possible to use incoherent X-ray sources. In the future, FELs will be coherent sources of X-rays therefore providing strongly improved coherence properties.
This course summarises information about various sources and the generation of coherent (X-ray) light and explains its properties. The coherency enables new experiments and scientific applications and the lectures about imaging and spectroscopy will provide fundamental insight.

Topics of the course

  • Properties and Sources of Coherent Light
  • Imaging with Coherent X-rays
  • X-ray Coherent Spectroscopy Applications


  • K. Anduleit (DESY, Hamburg FRG)
  • J. Arthur (SSRL, Stanford U.S.A.)
  • F. Beckmann (DESY, Hamburg FRG)
  • W. de Jeu (FOM, Amsterdam NL)
  • G. Grübel (ESRF, Grenoble F)
  • C. Jacobsen (SUNY, Stony Brook U.S.A.)
  • B. Lengeler (RWTH, Aachen FRG)
  • G. Meier (FZ Jülich, FRG)
  • W. Sandner / P. Nickles (MBI, Berlin FRG)
  • C. Schroer (RWTH, Aachen FRG)
  • M. Tolan (University Dortmund, FRG)
  • P.E Toschek (University Hamburg, FRG)