Fresh momentum for cutting-edge research from Germany

Three centres of the Helmholtz Association research in Hamburg (DESY), Berlin (HZB) and Dresden (HZDR) have developed a joint strategy for accelerator-based light sources to strengthen research and innovation in Germany. Their strategy paper, which is part of the Helmholtz Roadmap, was presented to the wider scientific community at the Helmholtz Symposium "Research Infrastructures of the Future" on 28 June 2021.

Further information: Joint press release (in German).


Three centers, one strategy

A summary of the 'National Strategy for the Further Development of Accelerator-Based Light Sources' is provided in the brochure "Forschung und Innovation stärken" (in German, tablet-optimised PDF file, 16 pages), which can be found together with the long version (PDF file, 33 pages) here: