DESY scientist Sebastian Trippel has been awarded the Zdenek Herman MOLEC Young Scientist Prize

MOLEC Senior Prize goes to Javier Aoiz

Awardees Sebastian Trippel and Javier Aoiz.

Awardees Sebastian Trippel (left) and Javier Aoiz. (Photo: DESY, Matthias Kreuzeder)

In the course of the 'European Conference on the Dynamics of Molecular Systems' (MOLEC 2022) held from 21 to 26 August 2022 at DESY in Hamburg, two prestigious prizes have been awarded to two scientists for their outstanding work in the field of Molecular Dynamics :

      - The 'MOLEC Senior Prize' has been awarded to Javier Aoiz (Professor at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid in Spain) for his seminal contributions to the theoretical description of elementary chemical reactions.

      - The 'Zdenek Herman MOLEC Young Scientist Prize' has been awarded to Sebastian Trippel (DESY) for the electric-field control of molecular clusters and the imaging of their chemical dynamics.

The MOLEC 2022 conference, organised by Francesca Calegari and Jochen Küpper and others from DESY, has been the 23rd event in the European conference series on the Dynamics of Molecular Systems. The aim of this conference series is to highlight experimental and theoretical aspects of atomic and molecular interactions.

125 participants from 17 countries joined this one-week event. 47 talks and 52 posters have been presented during the conference week.

(from DESY News)