Chemistry lab PETRA III M. v. Laue (Bldg. 47c / room L031)

Contact persons (DESY phone number ext. ( +49-40-8998-ext.):

Access Requirements:

  • chemistry declaration in DOOR
  • online safety training modules via DOOR:

                  Basic Instruction, PETRA III and Chemistry lab

  • on-site briefing by the contact persons
  • DACHS Card


You need gases in the chemistry lab.

Please contact the responsible. The inert gases have to be ordered two weeks in advance. In case of special gas mixtures, the delivery could be longer than 12 weeks. 

Standard Lab Equipment:

                                         - left: N2, He, CO, H2, C2H6, H2S

                                         - right: N2, He, Ar, O2, Nox, CO

  • Lab dishwasher
  • Hot plates and magnetic stirrer
  • Shaker, Vortexer
  • Storage lockers for chemicals
  • Work benches
  • Wardrobe for lab coats
  • Safety installations (emergency shower, eye wash, first-aid box)

You need additional equipment in the chemistry lab, please contact the lab responsible.