Experimental Hutch and Set-up

3D model of beamline P65, (1) optics hutch, (2) experimental hutch, (3) control hutch, (4) sample preparation lab, (5) gas cabinets for problematic gases.

Experimental table

Setting up an in-situ experiment on the experimental table

Relevant dimensions for user equipment:

Relevant dimensions

Distance / mm

Beam height above X95


Beam height above table surface


Distance between IC1 and IC2

up to 1500

Space above table

> 3000

for details please see drawing!

Icon Exp. set-up (16KB)
Height of beam above table and X95

Gas line connectors

Gas lines


Connector type

Max. pressure

Inert gases

Swagelok QC4

6 Bar


Swagelok QC4

6 Bar


Swagelok 6 mm

6 Bar


Swagelok QC4

6 Bar


Swagelok QC4

6 Bar


Swagelok QC4

6 Bar


Cooling water

cooling water


18° C

Connector type

see below

Pressure supply

8 bar

Pressure return

2 bar

Cooling water connectors:

CPC-In-Line connectors, type: NS4D22006 (male) and NS4D17006 (female) Inner diameter: 3/8" self closing
- Supply: Female (That means the tube which is connected needs a male connector!)
- Return: Male (That means the tube which is connected needs a female connector!)
Any other connectors of the NS4D-series fit.
For more variety see: http://www.cpcworldwide.com/Product-List/Series/21

7 pixel HPGe fluorescence detector


Manufactured by Canberra GmbH

Germanium planar pixel detector

7 round discrete pixel, 80 mm2 each

Crystal thickness: 7 mm

Maximum count rate: 100 kHz at 18 keV (per pixel)

Resolution: ≤ 260 eV at 6 keV and 100 kHz

1 central pixel surrounded by the remaining 6 pixels