P21.2 Diffraction & Imaging

The inline branch of the Swedish materials science beamline operates in the energy range of 40 - 150 keV and is in particular designed for the combination of WAXS, SAXS, and Imaging techniques. Broad and narrow bandwidth beams are provided with various point- and line-focusing combinations. The beamline has been available for user experiments since August 2019.

The "diffraction station" EH3 provides flexible positioning of various detector types including a SAXS camera 15 m behind the sample position. An interface diffractometer is optimized for grazing incidence geometries, but is presently also used for bulk samples. A second diffractometer for bulk samples is under design. Both instruments can support medium sized sample environments (up to a weight of few hundred kg). Larger sample environments can be operated in the upstream "roll in" station EH2 which, however, is not instrumented yet.

Users are strongly advised to contact the beamline staff to discuss the feasibility of the planned experiments before submitting a proposal for P21.2.

More information for future users about preparing and running a beamtime at beamline P21.2 is available on our P21.2 Confluence page.

Swedish Materials Science Beamline (SMS) at PETRA III: In-line branch (P21.2).
The symmetric, broad band double Laue high-energy monochromator at P21.2.