Beamline layout

beamline layout P21.2

Beamline Layout P21.2

optics elements of P21.2

Schematic drawing of the optics elements of P21.2

P21.2 consists of three optics hutches (OH1, OH2, OH3), two experimental hutches (EH2, EH3), and two control hutches (CH2, CH3). The beamline has a total length of 73m from the entrance of OH1 to the last wall of EH3.

The main optics element in OH1 is a cryogenically cooled double Laue monochromator, which is located about 100 m downstream from the in-vacuum undulator, that produces the x-rays for P21.2. OH2 includes most optics of the monochromatic beam, such as slits and attenuators. A high resolution channel cut monochromator can be used optionally.

Compound refractive lenses (CRLs) can be inserted in OH2, OH3 or EH3, providing the possibilty to obtain focused beams of different focus size and divergence:


source-limited focus size with CRLs at different positions

distance to sample

vertical source-limited focus size

horizontal source-limited focus size

CRLs in EH3
(small focus)

2.5 m

0.24 μm
(measured ~1)

5.7 μm
(measured ~8)

CRLs in OH3

16.9 m

1.8 μm

43 μm

CRLs in OH2
(high q-resolution)

39.0 m

5.0 μm

120 μm


The two experimental hutches are designed for sample environments of different size. EH2 is the experimental hutch for heavy and/or large sample environments. On the contrary, EH3 provides an interface / multi-purpose diffractometer for precise alignment of smaller setups (up to 200 kg). In future, EH3 will be equipped with a bulk diffractometer as well.