Sample Preparation

For preparing your experiment, P11 has its own user laboratory which is close to the P11 experimental hutch. The laboratory is classified a chemistry laboratory and has the room designation "L047" within the Max Von Laue hall (Building 47c).

The P11 user laboratory is equipped with:
- crystallization consumables: crystallization plates and standard chemicals to prepare buffers, cryo-protectants and precipitants
- Unipucks: as this is the standard sample format at P11
- cryogenic tools for fishing, repacking and storing the samples: cryotongs, crystal manipulation tools, foam and storage dewars.
- a liquid nitrogen filling station is in the direct vicinity of the laboratory.

In addition, the P11 user laboratory has the following equipment:
- Leica 205C stereo microscope equipped with a digital camera
- Nikon fluorescence microscope
- fume hood
- centrifuge
- vortex mixer
- pH meter
- ultrasonic bath
- refrigerator (4°C)
- freezer (-20°C)

Registration and Safety

In summer 2020 our user lab has been turned into a Chemistry Lab, where work with biological agents is forbidden. This has some consequences for the "Online Safety Training" in DOOR.

To access the laboratory, users are requested to:
1. update their online safety training in DOOR including the following modules:
       - Basic-Instructions
       - PETRA III
       - Chemistry Lab
       - Liquid nitrogen (in case you need to manipulate liquid nitrogen)
2. Put in a request in DOOR in the Safety requirements tab: : "Access to chemistry laboratory"

More information on the registration and safety requirements for the access to the P11 chemistry laboratory are available here