Software and Computing

The beamline is fully integrated into the PETRA III experimental control, data transfer and storage system (T. Kracht, Online – A program package for data acquisition and beamline control). Where technical deviations from the PETRA standard of VME are realized (e.g. Beckhoff control for the tomography and mapper intruments, or hexapod control), it is hidden for the user.

For immediate data representation and first data analysis there exist special software from the various detector manufacturers, public viewers and public domain software installed at the beamline, e.g. image-viewer, a2tool from DESY, fit2D from ESRF, MARViewer from Technical University Clausthal. For tomography a special service from the beamline staff guarantees that any user will not only have access to his data via DESY access but will get a complete tomogram and also access to the reconstruction data. For the mapper there exist public domain software from Risoe and ESRF and TU Berlin ( for grain center mapping like peak search, calibration of experimental parameters and indexing). Beamline staff will collaborate with users to tutor any users with this demanding techniques.