The optics for the side station (Test Facility EH1) consist of two flat water-cooled Laue crystals Si(111) and Si(220) 15 mm (wide) x 30 mm (high) x 1.5 mm (thick) on a lateral slide, with asymmetric angle 35.36o. The energy with this single bounce monochromator (SBM) can thus be changed between 53 and 87 keV (scattering angle fixed to horizontally 4.25o). The maximum beam size is 0.8 x 0.8 mm2 with an integrated flux of approximately 5x1010 photons / sec. 0.01% bw.

For all other experimental hutches, i.e. the main beam, the optics consist of two bent Si(111) Laue crystals (the first one water-coooled) on Rowland geometry (35.36o asymmetric cut, triangularly shaped with base 35 mm, length 89 mm and each 1.25 mm thick) in fixed exit (horizontal deviation 21 mm) keeping the beam at 1400 mm height above the floor. The energy is tunable exactly 33 - 200 keV with this double crystal monochromator (DCM) in horizontal scattering geometry. At 80 keV the σ-sub-mm large beam showed an integrated flux of 5x1012 photons / sec. 0.2% bw. Both SBM and DCM had been custom-built by FMB-Oxford.

A multilayer filter box inside the ring tunnel cuts out low-energy harmonics. Lens change-boxes for Al Compound Refractive Lenses in OH1, OH2, and OH3 allow variable focusing with easy handling.

optics scheme in topview
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