P03 News Archive

Oct. 15, 2010
Nanofocus commissioning started at MiNaXS

On October 15th, 2010, the nanofocus at MiNaXS was brought into operation. Christina Krywka from IEAP, University of Kiel, and Prof. Martin Müller (GKSS) in the framework of the Verbundforschung of ...

Sep. 22, 2010
First friendly user at MiNaXS

On Sept 22nd, 2010, the friendly user operation at MiNaXS has started! Monika Rawolle and Volker Körstgens from the group of Prof. Peter Müller-Buschbaum, Lehrst. für Funtionelle Materialen of ...

Mar. 18, 2010
First light at MiNaXS

With great pleasure we announce the first monochromatic x-ray beam in the optics hutch of MiNaXS! it is a great day for our team and all the people who contributed to this important milestone.

Aug. 03, 2009
New Technician at the MiNaXS beamline

We are pleased to announce, that Kai Stassig started as technician at the MiNaXS beamline.

Mar. 02, 2009
Mottakin M. Abul Kashem started as postdoctoral researcher at MiNaXS

We are pleased to announce that Mottakin M. Abul Kashem, formerly Physik-Department E13, Technische Universität München, started as a new postdoctoral researcher at the P03 beamline.

Feb. 02, 2009
New Team member for data analysis

We are pleased to announce that Gunthard Benecke started as software scientist in the framework of a common collaborative project between HASYLAB, MiNaXS beamline, and the Max-Planck-Institut für ...

Dec. 18, 2008
The μSAXS/WAXS beamline was renamed as MINAXS

The beamline was given a new name to better represent the nano aspect. From now on the beamline is called the Micro- and Nanofocus X-ray Scattering Beamline, MINAXS.

Dec. 08, 2008
The hutches of the μSAXS/WAXS beamline have been built

The construction of the hutches for the μSAXS/WAXS beamline has been finished. Installation of the beamline components will begin now. A few weeks ago also an atomic force microscope was received ...

Dec. 08, 2008
Adeline Buffet and Jannis Lehmann started working for the μSAXS/WAXS beamline

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Adeline Buffet started her work here as a postdoc during the autumn. She will work mainly on the sample environment. Jannis Lehmann will work part time at the ...

May. 06, 2008
Advanced analysis routines for SAXS — A diploma thesis study at the μSAXS/WAXS beamline

The dynamic team at the μSAXS/WAXS beamline gained a new member on 15th of April when Gerd Herzog started his diploma thesis work at the beamline. Supervised by Prof. Wurth he will do his thesis ...

Apr. 11, 2008
The first assembly of the granite table on which sample environment will be built on the μSAXS/WAXS beamline

The sturdy table for the sample setups on the μSAXS/WAXS beamline is made of two granite blocks that together weight as much as two tons. This week, the first granite table was delivered and put ...

Feb. 18, 2008
Patrick Grögor starts as a beamline technician at the μSAXS/WAXS beamline

To communicate the accomplished milestones to the future users of the beamline you can now follow the progress we are making on our webpages. The first big news is that starting from February 15th ...