Milestones 2006

FEL Achievements 2006

November 12, 2006:

First successful application of "flash diffractive imaging"

published in Nature Physics (DOI: 10.1038/nphys461)

September 7, 2006:

FEL Prize 2006 goes to Jörg Rossbach and Evgueni Saldin

September 7, 2006:

World Record at FLASH in Hamburg:

Free-electron laser at DESY delivers highest power at shortest wavelengths and reaches water window

April 27, 2006:

FLASH lased at 13.1 nm !!! (pulse energies around 5 µJ)

April 6, 2006:

Free-Electron Laser VUV-FEL Renamed FLASH: "Free-Electron LASer in Hamburg"