Milestones 2005

FEL Achievements 2005

November 26, 2005:

First lasing of FLASH at 45 nm

November 11, 2005:

First lasing of FLASH at 25.5 nm

August 3, 2005:

Start of FLASH user operation

FLASH was handed over to the scientists by German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder.

June 28, 2005:

First evidence of beginning of saturation: Observation of 2nd and 3rd harmonic at FLASH

For a fundamental of 31.8 nm, we have taken spectra of the 2nd harmonic at about 15.9 nm and the third harmonic at 10.6 nm, which is the shortest wavelength ever achieved with an FEL.

January 14, 2005:

First lasing of FLASH at TTF phase 2 (at 33nm)

After the shutdown to upgrade from the VUV-FEL at TTF1 to the FLASH user facility, first lasing at 33 nm was achieved today. Intensities were about 2µJ peak.