NFFA proposals

NFFA proposals
  • Travel cost reimbursement and reporting
    Here you'll find information on the regulations for travel cost reimbursement and reporting applicable to NFFA users at DESY Photon Science
  • NFFA webpage
    DESY Photon Science provides access to the DESY NanoLab and PETRA III beamlines within the framework of the European Community's H2020 project "Nanoscience Foundries and Fine Analysis" (NFFA). For detailed information and application please consult the NFFA webpages.

NFFA proposals for DESY NanoLab

Nanoscience Foundries and Fine Analysis (NFFA) is a project funded by the European Community's H2020 framework program for research and innovation under grant agreement number 654360 Nanoscience Foundries and Fine Analysis (NFFA). Its goal is to provide coordinated access to infrastructures to carry out comprehensive projects for multidisciplinary research at the nanoscale extending from synthesis to nanocharacterization, theory and numerical simulation.
Within this framework DESY provides access to the DESY NanoLab and PETRA III beamlines. For detailed information on regulations, proposal submission and deadlines please visit the NFFA website.

After approval of your NFFA proposal DESY NanoLab will contact you and inform about access dates and how to prepare your experimental stay via DOOR.

All experiment participants have to register as user in DOOR and absolve the online safety training and send the signed certificate as indicated on the printout of the certificate. It is recommended to do this well before the start of your experiment to avoid any delay.