Industrial Access

For industrial companies DESY provides a direct and fast access to the beamlines. Going through a scientific peer review is not required. All inquiries are treated confidentially if requested.

There are three contract types for industrial access:

Feasibility Studies:
To check whether conducting an investigation at DESY leads to the desired results, we can perform feasibility studies up to four hours of measurement time (and scientific support), which is free of charge.

Short-Term Access:
A fast access to the equipment is possible from a measurement time of four hours. Depending on the total measurement time, the desired beamline and whether the results are going to be published, the costs range up to 786€ per hour.

Long-Term Cooperation:
An industrial company enters into a contract with DESY and pays an annual lump sum. Therefore the company gets a fast and flexible access to measurement times and it will be supported in the experiments by Service Industry Group. The conditions depend on the duration of the cooperation and the requirements and requests of the company.