Hinweis: Am 12.6.2018 findet die Vorlesung am DESY (Campus Bahrenfeld), Geb. 99 (CFEL), Seminarraum 1 statt. Im Anschluss folgt die Laborführung anstelle der Übung.

Organisation and Introduction
X-ray Scattering Primer
Sources of X-rays, Synchrotron Radiation
Refraction and Reflection
Kinematical Diffraction (I). Diffraction from an Atom, a Molecule, from Liquids, Glasses...
Kinematical Diffraction (II). Diffraction from a Crystal,Reciprocal Lattice, Structure Factor...
Small Angle Scattering, and Soft Matter. Introduction, Form FActor, Structure Factor, Applications...
Anomalous Diffraction. Introduction into Anomalous scattering.
Introduction into Coherence. Concept, First Order Coherence...
Applications of Coherent Scattering. Imaging and Correlation Spectroscopy...
Ferromagnetism in a Nutshell
Interaction of Polarized Photons with Ferromagnetic Materials
Soft Matter studies
Soft Matter studies II: Structure
Soft Matter studies III: Dynamics
Glass transition studies
Water studies
XMCD & Resonant mSAXS
Imaging of magnetic domains
Surface sensitive X-ray scattering
Diffuse Scattering
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