Methoden Moderner Röntgenphysik II: Streuung und Abbildung

Introduction and Organization
Overview, Introduction to X-ray Scattering
X-ray Scattering Primer. Elements of X-ray Scattering
Sources of X-rays, Synchrotron Radiation. Laboratory Sources, Accelerator Bases Sources
Reflection and Refraction from Interfaces. Snell Law, Fresnel Equations.
Kinematical Diffraction (I). Diffraction from an Atom, a Molecule, from Liquid, Glasses.
Kinematical Diffraction (II). Diffraction from a Crystal, Reciprocal Lattice, Structure Factor
Small Angle X-ray Scattering
Anomalous Diffraction. Introduction into Anomalous Scattering
Introduction into Coherence. Concept, First Order Coherence, ...
Coherent Scattering. Spatial Coherence, Second Order Coherence
Vorlesung fällt aus
Small Angle X-ray Scattering (SAXS), S. Roth
Application & A short excursion into Polymeric materials, S. Roth
Thin Films. Grazing incidence SAXS: A Primer, S. Roth
Crystal Truncation Rods, O.H. Seeck
X-ray reflectivity, O.H. Seeck
Grazing Incidence Diffraction, O.H. Seeck
Surface Diffuse Scattering, O.H. Seeck
Synchrotrons and X-ray reflectivity
Small angle X-ray scattering & Anomalous Scattering
Tutorial, 07.06.2016, S. Roth
CTRs & Reflectivity, O.H. Seeck