Photoelectron-Photoion Coincidence Experiments with Synchrotron Radiation

Experimentally determined molecular-frame photoelectron angular distributions (MFPADs) of the 1(s) photoelectrons 1sg (top) and 1su (bottom) from molecular nitrogen recorded at 419 eV photon energy (~10 eV photoelectron kinetic energy) via momentum-resolved photoelectron-photoion coincidences at the synchrotron radiation source DORIS [Rolles2005].

The study of molecular photoionization processes was revolutionized by the development of angle-resolved photoelectron-photoion coincidence techniques in the 1990s [Cherepkov1992, Shigemasa1995, Heiser1997], which enabled the determination of molecular-frame photoelectron angular distributions (MFPADs) and gave access to an unprecedented level of detailed information [Gessner2002, Motoki2002, Rolles2005, Akoury2007, Schoeffler2008, Zimmermann2008]. We have developed a double-sided Velocity Map Imaging (VMI) electron-ion coincidence spectrometer (equipped with two delay-line anodes) which allows measuring full MFPADs for all molecular orientations simultaneously such that these experiments are now feasible for a wide range of electron kinetic energies within a very reasonable amount of beamtime. This allows a much more systematic comparison to theoretical predictions (e.g. from multiple scattering calculations) than it was previously possible with rather sparse data sets. Our experiments are performed at PETRA III and the ALS.

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