Open Positions in the Ultrafast Molecular Imaging Group

We are looking for motivated bachelor and master students who would like to do their thesis work in our group. For further information, please contact

PhD, masters, and bachelor projects
Our ongoing FEL, synchrotron, and laser experiments offer a variety of projects for interested PhD, master, and bachelor students such as:
- participation in ongoing FEL and synchrotron beamtimes incl. preparatory experiments and data analysis;
- development of new electron imaging spectrometers, e.g. for photoelectron holography experiments, or the modification of existing spectrometers, e.g. to increase the acceptance for higher kinetic energy electrons;
- setup of femtosecond laser pump-probe experiments to probe molecular dissociation with 800nm, 400/266nm and/or TOPAS;
- Multiple scattering calculations using existing multiple scattering codes to model our experimental data or to prepare for future experimental campaigns;
- and many more…