Ultrafast Molecular Imaging

Watching Chemistry in Action: Visualizing Chemical Reactions with Atomic Spatial & Femtosecond Temporal Resolution

Taking a movie of a chemical reaction with atomic resolution? Watching the making and breaking of chemical bonds in real time? Using advanced experimental techniques such as femtosecond time-resolved photoelectron diffraction and photoelectron spectroscopy, time-resolved ion momentum imaging, and electron-ion coincidence spectroscopy, the ultrafast molecular imaging group focuses on visualizing nuclear and electronic dynamics during (photo-)chemical reactions in gas-phase molecules by means of femtosecond pump-probe experiments with intense and short-pulse VUV and X-ray radiation from Free-Electron Lasers complemented by electron-ion coincidence experiments and spectroscopy with 3rd generation synchrotron sources and laboratory-based femtosecond laser sources.

Research activities of the Ultrafast Molecular Imaging Group