Centre for Free-Electron Laser Science

CFEL Building

The CFEL building on the DESY-Campus in Hamburg.

CFEL Building

Interior view of the CFEL building

DESY, the Max-Planck-Gesellschaft, and the University of Hamburg established together a Centre for Free-Electron Laser Science on the Hamburg University site next to the Max von Laue - PETRA III hall. CFEL focuses on developing and exploiting the scientific applications of the new radiation sources with outstanding properties. It is the task of the new institution to bring together all disciplines necessary to perform an adaquate research effort on the global scale.

CFEL shall become a major interdisciplinary research centre opening the possibilities of the FEL technologies for a wide range of scientific challenges. It shall perform basic research and explore the possibilities to perform routine applications for scientific investigations and technological application. The institution has and will further contribute to the necessary training and education to ensure the dissemination of the knowledge generated into the academic and technological communities.

The CFEL will consist of five core groups. DESY is represented by the experimental research groups for Coherent Imaging of Henry Chapman, the experimental research group for Ultrafast X-rays of Franz X. Kärtner and the Theory group of Robin Santra. An independent research group Controlled Molecule Imaging within the Coherent Imaging group is headed by Jochen Küpper.

In addition the CFEL accommodates an Advanced Study Group (ASG) from the Max Planck Society, and another ASG from the University of Hamburg. In addition, DESY supports a detector group.

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