Preliminary Program

Seminar room, upper floor Bldg 28c, DESY, Hamburg

March 16, 2005 : Introduction, Sources and Experimental Techniques
9:15 Welcome
9:30-11:00M. Marsi
ELETTRA, Trieste
Status of storage-ring based light sources and state-of-the-art time-resolved applications
11:30-13:00J. Feldhaus
DESY, Hamburg
Linear Accelerator-based femtosecond light sources
14:30-16:00J. Tisch
Imperial College, London
HHG sources: characteristics and scientific applications
16:30-18:00S. Düsterer
DESY, Hamburg
Diagnostics and synchronisation for short-wavelength FEL experiments
19:00Dinner in the DESY-Bistro
March 17, 2005 : Scientific Applications - Gases to plasmas
9:00-10:30M. Meyer
LURE, Orsay
Gas phase pump-probe investigations
11:00-12:30R. Moshammer
MPI, Heidelberg
Multiphoton and strong field processes
14:00-15:30J. Tiggesbäumker
University Rostock
Cluster phenomena
16:00-17:30M. Fajardo
IST, Lisbon
Plasma physics applications
17:30Visit of the VUV-FEL facilty
18:30Poster session
March 18, 2005 : Scientific Applications - Solid state investigations
9:00-10:30L. Kipp
University Kiel
High resolution photoemission
11:00-12:30W. Wurth
University Hamburg
Surface dynamics
14:00-15:30K. Starke
University Berlin
Magnetisation dynamics
16:00-17:30J.-E. Rubensson
University Uppsala
Inelastic scattering
17:30End of the course