Final Program

Seminar room 456, Bldg 25f, DESY, Hamburg

March 05, 2003 : Introduction and scientific applications
9:15 Welcome
9:30-11:00J. Meyer-ter-Vehn
MPQ, Garching
Plasma physics with XFEL beams at DESY
11:30-13:00R. Sauerbrey
IOQ, University Jena
Interaction of intense photon beams with matter
14:45-16:15W. Rozmus
University of Alberta, Edmonton
Plasma physics aspects of high intensity X-ray matter interactions
16:45-18:15R. Redmer
University Rostock
Warm dense matter in astrophysics: Giant planets
19:00Dinner in the DESY-Bistro
March 06, 2003 : Scientific applications and experimental methods
9:00-10:30J. Trümper
MPE Garching
Astrophysical plasmas
11:00-12:30E. Fill
MPQ, Garching
Plasma physics with X-ray lasers and new prospects in X-ray laser research
14:30-16:00E. Förster
IOQ, University Jena
Time-resolved X-ray diagnostics of laser fusion plasmas
16:30-18:00D. Riley
Queens University, Belfast
Thompson scattering: Applications and first X-ray experiments
18:30Possibility to visit the TESLA Test Facility and the VUV-FEL
19:30Poster session
March 07, 2003 : Laser- and accelerator-based sources for X-ray plasma physics
9:00-10:30I. Uschmann
IOQ, University Jena
X-rays from femtosecond table-top lasers
11:00-12:30H. Merdji
CEA Saclay, Gif-sur-Yvette
High harmonics generation and applications to plasma physics
14:00-15:30F. Rosmej
GSI, Darmstadt
Heavy ion beams
16:00-17:30Th. Möller
DESY, Hamburg
FEL radiation and first experiments at 100 nm wavelength
18:00End of the course