Preliminary Program

Seminar room 109, Bldg 25b, DESY, Hamburg

March 25, 2002 : Principles and Sources for Ultrafast X-ray Scattering
9:30-11:00A. Rousse
LOA, Palaiseau
Femtosecond X-ray pulses from table-top laser systems and their first applications
11:30-13:00C. Spielmann
Institute of Physics, Univ. Würzburg
Towards attoseconds at short wavelength
14:45-16:15A. Plech
ESRF, Grenoble
Status and prospects of accelerator-based X-ray sources
16:45-18:15J. S. Wark
Atomic and Laser Physics Department, University of Oxford
Principles of time-resolved X-ray diffraction
19:00Dinner in the DESY-Bistro
March 26, 2002 : Chemistry Applications
9:00-10:30W. Rettig
Chemistry Department, Humboldt University Berlin
Investigation of primary photochemical processes
11:00-12:30T. Elsässer
Max-Born Institute, Berlin
Methods in femtochemistry
14:30-16:00S. Techert
MPI Biophysical Chemistry, Göttingen
Towards femtochemistry with X-rays
16:30-18:00C. Rose-Petruck
Brown University, Providence RI
Ultrafast X-ray absorption and imaging experiments
18:30Possibility to visit the TESLA Test Facility
19:30Get together in the Bistro
March 27, 2002 : Biology and Solid-state Physics Applications
9:00-10:30J. Wachtveitl
Chemistry Department, University Frankfurt
Ultrafast processes in biology
11:00-12:30D. Bourgeois
ESRF, Grenoble
Observation of transient species in protein crystals
14:00-15:30D. von der Linde
Inst. of Experimental Physics, University Essen
Investigation of non-thermal melting processes
16:00-17:30H. Dürr
BESSY, Berlin
Ultrafast electron dynamics : Magnetisation
18:00End of the course