Final Program

Seminar room 109, Bldg 25b, DESY, Hamburg

October 15, 2001 : Properties and Sources of Coherent Light
9:30-11:00P.E. Toschek
ILP, University Hamburg
Coherence of Laser Light and Applications
11:30-13:00B. Lengeler
II. ExpPhysik, RWTH Aachen
Coherence in X-ray Physics
14:45-16:15P.V. Nickles
Max-Born Institut, Berlin
X-ray Lasers Concepts and Coherence Properties
16:45-18:15J. Arthur
SSRL, Stanford U.S.A.
Coherent X-rays from Free-Electron Laser Sources
19:00Dinner in the DESY-Bistro
October 16, 2001 : Imaging with Coherent X-rays
9:00-10:30C. Schroer
II. ExpPhysik, RWTH Aachen
Contrast enhancement in X-ray Imaging using Coherent X-rays
11:00-12:30F. Beckmann
Phase Contrast Tomography using Synchrotron Radiation
14:30-16:00C. Jacobsen
SUNY, Stony Brook U.S.A.
Holography Methods
16:30-18:00K. Anduleit
Methods of Phase Retrieval and Oversampling
18:30Possibility to visit the TESLA Test Facility
19:30Get together in the Bistro
October 17, 2001 : X-ray Coherent Spectroscopy Applications
9:00-10:30G. Meier
IFF, FZ Jülich
Photon Correlation Spectroscopy
11:00-12:30G. Grübel
ESRF, Grenoble F
X-ray Photon Correlation Spectroscopy
14:00-15:30M. Tolan
ExpPhysik, University Dortmund
X-ray Coherent Spectroscopy Applications - Surface dynamics
16:00-17:30W. de Jeu
FOM, Amsterdam NL
Fast XPCS in Smectic Membranes
18:00End of the course