PETRA III Extension Project


Experimental hall Paul P. Ewald at the PETRA III extension in the north (August 2016).


Experimental hall Ada Yonath at the PETRA III extension in the East (August 2016).

PETRA III Extension Buildings

View into the Ada Yonath hall.

The PETRA III extension project comprises two new experimental halls on either side of the Max-von-Laue hall PETRA III hall in the north and and the east making use of the long straight sections and the adjacent arcs. The northern straight section already accommodates one of the long damping wiggler arrays producing an extremely hard and powerful X-ray beam which will be used for experiments. The long straight in the east will be used for additional insertion devices.

In total, 10 new beamlines are currently being built within the scope of the extension project. The reconstruction launched in February 2014. The first beamline (P65) for Applied X-ray absorption spectroscopy started user operation in June 2016, the Advanced XAFS beamline (P64) is available for users since April 2017. Three more beamlines, P22, P23 and P24, are in the commissioning phase and will start user opration in 2018.

Additional information is available on the PETRA III Extension project website.

PETRA III Extension North

       Layout of the experimental hall Paul P. Ewald in the North.

PETRA III Extension East

       Layout of the experimental hall Ada Yonath in the East.