High resolution von Hamos-type x-ray emission spectrometer

High resolution von Hamos-type spectrometer at P64

3D sketch of the high resolution von Hamos-type x-ray emission spectrometer


The von Hamos-type x-ray emission spectrometer is available for user operation. Since the spectrometer is property of the University of Paderborn, please contact Prof. Dr. Matthias Bauer or Dr. Aleksandr Kalinko in advance of submitting a proposal.


Crystals available

  • Si(111) - 8 crystals
  • Si(110) - 8 crystals
  • Si(311) - 6 crystals
  • Si(400) - 6 crystals
  • Si(331) - 6 crystals
  • Si(422) - 6 crystals

The crystal size is 100 x 40 mm. The crystals are cylindrically curved, the radius of curvature is 500 mm. Users are welcome to bring their own crystals for experiments.


X-ray detectors

  XSpectrum Lambda 750K modules with 300 µm-thick Si sensor are available.
Pixel size: 55 µm x 55 µm
Sensor: 300 µm-thick Silicon
Max frame rate: up to 2000 frames per second in 12 bit mode
Counter depth: 12 bit with zero time gap between images, 24 bit with 1 ms time gap between images
Count rate (w/ corr.):   up to 2.5x108 cps/mm2 (at 10% deviation from linear)
Noise: Photon counting – noise free at 5 keV