Sample Preparation

Close to the beamline you will find a laboratory for preparing your experiment.

The P11 user lab is equipped with:
- Leica 205C stereo microscope with micromanipulator
- Nikon fluorescence microscope
- fume hood
- sterile workbench
- autoclave
- CO2-Incubator
- centrifuge
- refrigerator (4°C)
- freezer (-20°C)

In addition, standard cryo crystallography tools, such as cryo tongs, crystal manipulation tools and foam dewars are provided. Crystallization plates and standard chemicals including buffers, cryoprotectants and precipitants are also available in the lab.

In spring 2015 our user lab has been upgraded from biosafety level S1 to S2 which has some consequences for the "Online Safety Training" in DOOR.
From now on the following modules are required for access to our lab: "Basic-Instructions", "PETRA III" and "Biological agents".

Registration and safety