P09 high precision diffractometer

BW5 experimental station
Beam parameters in EH1

Energy range:

2.7 - 24 keV focused (mirrors)
2.7 - 50 keV total

Focus size:

150 x 40 μm2
40 x 4 μm2 with CRLs


variable linear / circular

Energy resolution:
(8 keV)

1 eV with Si(111)
0.2 eV with Si(311)

The first experimental hutch of P09 (EH1) is equipped with a highly flexible and precise Psi-diffractometer with open Chi-circle. At the sample position, a simple goniometer mount, Displex cryostats or other small sample environments (<15 kg), like ovens, can be mounted on the motorized xyz-translation stage. The detector arm consists of two translations separated by 25 degrees. One is used for the setup with polarization analyzer and point detector, whereas the other is used with an area detector. Currently, here a Pilatus 300k detector is installed. The point detector setup and the area detector can be used quasi simultaneous.