Beamline P09 at sector 6

Schematic overview over beamline P09 and the optical components in the beam path.

Sector 6 houses two optics hutches. The first one for beamline P08 (High Resolution Diffraction) and the second one for beamline P09 (Resonant Scattering and Diffraction). The optics hutches are followed by the P08 experimental hutch, the P08 control hutch, the first P09 experimental hutch, the first P09 control hutch, the second P09 experimental hutch, the third P09 experimental hutch, the second P09 control hutch and the laue hutch.

P09 experimental hutches, instruments and methods

EH 1 (Experimental Hutch 1)


- REXS / Diffraction (Variable temperature and low magnetic fields)

EH 2 (Experimental Hutch 2)

Heavy-load Psi-diffractometer

- REXS/ Diffraction (high magnetic fields or high pressure and low temperature)

EH 3 (Experimental Hutch 3)

Open port


Laue Lab / X-ray Source

Photonic Science Laue Diffraction Machine