Tomography Stations managed by HZG at DESY

HZG at DESY manages two tomography beamlines at PETRA III : The Imaging Beamline IBL (P05) and the High Energy Materials Science Beamline HEMS (P07). The tomography facilities at PETRA III are characterized by a high flux at small fields of view and high coherence, i.e. they fulfill excellently the qualifications for phase contrast or holo tomography, for nano tomography and for high speed or in situ tomography.


Imaging Beamline IBL

High Energy Materials Science Beamline HEMS

X-ray energies

5 - 50 keV

50 - 150 keV

Field of view

up to 5.4 x 1.2 mm
@ 90 m, low-β

up to 2.4 x 0.5 mm
@ 100 m, low-β




Max. spatial resolution

< 1 µm / < 100nm

< 1 µm