Chemistry lab equipment PETRA III 47c/L031

Contact persons (DESY phone number ext. ( +49-40-8998- ), Email):


Lab with access control system (access requirements: chemistry declaration, on-site instruction and online safety training modules via DOOR: Basic Instruction, PETRA III, Chemistry lab)


Gas order two weeks in advance at minimum by Mrs. Heilmann or Mrs. Lippmann / Mr. Braining as a substitute, order of special gases takes even longer!


Lab equipment:



Ultra water system

Spin Coater

Lab balance

Analytical balance

Powder press


Ultra sonic bath - 9.0 l

Ultrasonic bath - 0.6 l



Fume hood - left

Fume hood - right

Lab dishwasher

Hot plates


Vortexer - l

Vortexer - ll