Chemistry Laboratory/Clean Room

If you intend to use the chemistry laboratory (e.g. building 25b or 47c, ground floor) during your beamtime, you are requested to log in to DOOR and fill in the online form "Use of chemistry laboratory" at least 4 weeks before each scheduled beamtime. The declaration will be evaluated by our Safety Team (A. Ciobanu (ext. -4683), S. Lessmann-Bassen (ext. -3180) or in their absence by Th. Wroblewski). For questions concerning the safety concept please contact our Safety Team. In addition, the corresponding Online Safety Training modules “Basic Instructions”, “Chemistry Lab” (plus ”PETRA III” for the PETRA III Labs) in DOOR have to be completed. The signed Online Safety Training certificate shall be submitted to the Users’ Office as indicated on the certificate.

On-site Instruction and Access
Once your application to work in the chemistry lab has been accepted, you shall contact the persons in charge of the chemistry labs to receive the on-site instruction and access. The on-site instruction will only take place during regular working hours (approx. Mon-Thu 8 am to 4 pm, Fri 8 am to 3 pm, except for the weekend). Please contact the responsible person prior to your arrival to make an appointment for the on-site instruction:

Contact chemistry lab PETRA III in bldg. 47c / room L031/032:
M. Lippmann (ext.-4691)
A. Ciobanu (ext. -4683)
B. Heilmann (ext. -5707)

Contact chemistry labs bldg. 25b / room 012/013:
A. Ciobanu (ext. -4683)
K. Hagemann (ext. -3773)
M. Spiwek (ext. 3179)

They will instruct you and provide access to the laboratories. Only then you are authorised to work in the chemistry lab.

Handling of substances
Chemicals and other dangerous substances not supplied by external users should only be purchased in agreement with A. Ciobanu (ext. -4683) and must be delivered to the persons in charge of the chemistry labs (K. Hagemann and M. Spiwek/ chemistry lab 25b, B. Heilmann and M. Lippmann / chemistry lab 47c).