Work place in the Bio-Laboratory. Photo by courtesy of Markus Osterhoff

Olympus IX-83 inverse fluorescence microscope. Photo by courtesy of Markus Osterhoff.

Berner ergonomic S2 safety workbench equipped with a mini centrifuge, vortexer, vacuum pump and a set of pipettes.
photo by courtesy of Markus Osterhoff

A set of incubators: One incubator suitable for cell culture research at 37°C and 5% CO2 water saturated atmosphere. One hot-cold incubator with illumination suitable for both marine and microbial cell culture.
photo by courtesy of Markus Osterhoff

  • Safety workbench S2 (Berner Claire B-2-130)
  • Fume hood general purpose (Kötterman Exploris Ceramic)
  • Ultra-cold -80 °C freezer for biological agents (Thermo Fisher Forma 88300V)
  • Autoclave S2 (Zirbus 2x3x4)
  • CO2 incubator for cell culture at 37°C (Panasonic MCO-170A1CUV)
  • Hot-cold incubator with orbital shaker for microbial or marine cell cultures (Inculine Il150R premium)
  • Orbital shaker 500rpm 10mm hub (Phoenix Instruments RS-OS-20)
  • Sterile water supply Class 3 water (Purelab Flex 2)
  • Pressurized nitrogen gas
  • Centrifuge big 30000 g (Eppendorf 5430R)
  • Hot magnetic stirrer plate 20 – 555 °C (Si Analytics SLR)
  • Hot bath 20 – 100 °C (Julabo TW 12)
  • Hot cold dry bath 0 – 80 °C (Ditabis MKR 23R)
  • pH-meter, pH and temperature (Mettler Toledo five easy)
  • Micro scale 0.1 mg (Sartorius Practum 224-1s)
  • Vortexer (Vortex Genie 2)
  • Pipettes 10 µl – 10 ml (Gilson Pipetman)
  • Ultrasonic bath
  • Refrigerator 4 °C (Liebherr LKUexv 1610)
  • Safety installations and equipment (emergency button, shower, eye wash, Gloves, lab coats, safety goggles)
  • Storage lockers for chemicals
  • Glass and plastic ware
  • One high-end science grade Olympus IX-83 inverse fluorescence microscope , DIC, PH, DF Objectives Olympus (PH4x/0.13, LD PH20x/0.45, DIC20x/0.75, LD PH40x/0.6, DIC60x/1.35); a long working distance phase contrast condenser for on-site sample analysis and pre-selection will be available in future