Hard condensed matter - User Contributions in 2010

Total Contributions: 104

  A low-temperature vacuum ultraviolet luminescence spectroscopy study of K2Al2B2O7 crystals | 2010

Igor N. Ogorodnikov, V.A. Pustovarov, Sergey Yakovlev, Ludmila I. Isaenko

Contact for Report:

URL: http://www.ustu.ru

Beamline(s): I

  A new electronic phase of Pr(Sr1-yCay)2Mn2O7 deduced from high energy x-ray studies | 2010

Thomas Beale, Philip Dean, Peter Hatton, Martin von Zimmermann

Contact for Report:

URL: http://www.dur.ac.uk/physics

Beamline(s): BW5

  Anisotropy of unoccupied electron states as seen by core level spectroscopies | 2010

Pavel Machek, Wolfgang Caliebe, Edmund Welter

Beamline(s): W1, A1

  ASAXS measurements of Nb in Reactive Hydride Composites (RHC) for hydrogen storage | 2010

Fahim Karimi, P. Klaus Pranzas, Ulla Vainio, Martin Dornheim, Thomas Klassen, Andreas Schreyer

Contact for Report:

URL: http://gems.hzg.de

Beamline(s): B1

  Atomic-scale structure of Cu(In,Ga)Se2 by EXAFS | 2010

Claudia S. Schnohr, Helena Kaemmer, Tobias Steinbach, Christiane Stephan, Susan Schorr

Contact for Report:

Beamline(s): C

  Carbon in Nb-rich /gamma-TiAl based alloys | 2010

Andreas Stark, Michael Oehring, Florian Pyczak, Norbert Schell

Contact for Report:

Beamline(s): P07B

  Change of SrTiO3 Pre-Edge Features due to Nitrogen Implantation investigated by Grazing Incidence XANES | 2010

Hartmut Stoecker, Florian Hanzig, Juliane Seibt, Carsten Richter, Matthias Zschornak, Edmund Welter, D.C. Meyer

Contact for Report:

URL: http://www.exphys.tu-freiberg.de

Beamline(s): C, A1

  Charge density of stannic oxide | 2010

Thomas Lippmann

Contact for Report:

URL: http://www.hzg.de

Beamline(s): W2

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